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One Perfect Image Draws You in,
One Click Opens a World of Networking,
One Hundred Twenty Dollars Completes Your Site!

This image could be the perfect statement for this type of company. Everything that needs to be conveyed is embodied in one picture; it says professionalism and order, it gives you confidence in their work and at the same time draws you in, you want to learn more. This is the reason for a website; to inform and attract customers; those potential customers want to know if you have what they need and how much your existing customers like you .

Your new home page and MinnesotaFound does that, it tells your story.

For any business like the fictitious Reliable Landscape and Plow a large website could be built to describe all their services but the cost of that type of website vs. the return makes no sense. For $120 you can have an elegant home page and link that home page to your MinnesotaFound.com "Business Notebook" account; MinnesotaFound hosts the rest of your site with features like "Social Business Networking", a "Virtual Store" and a "Back End" that allows you to build web pages without any special skills, features that would be unaffordable or impossible to implement for a small business for less than $20. MinnesotaFound is Local Search, we recieve 30 to 50 thousand page visits a month, and as we grow we know MinnesotaFound will be the first stop for local search. Contact us now to get started and take advantage of our 100% money back promise of satisfaction*! BeFound@MinnesotaFound.com

On your website, clicking the MinnesotaFound Globe or the main image takes your visitors to the MSPfound "Business Notebook" for your business. The MinnesotaFound Business Notebook includes a Virtual Store, image hosting, video hosting, web pages anyone can build and much more, including "Social Business Networking" that will help you raise the profile of your business and create new connections through your existing customers. We'll also help you with a marketing outreach to get your customers to tell your story through MinnesotaFound business reviews.
Clicking through on this page will explain more about MinnesotaFound.com. You can see a recently created business notebook by clicking here

* $120 completes the website and sets up your account at MinnesotaFound.com
You will need to complete your MinnesotaFound Business Notebook, you can do that yourself or have us do that for you. if you don't own a domain name now you may need to purchase a domaine name (www.yourbusinessname.com) You will also need to choose a host for your website; Sandix llc owns MinnesotaFound.com and also offers .COM domain names for $9.99 and website hosting for only $9.95 per month and we are happy to do all that work for you if you ask us. BeFound@MinnesotaFfound.com Contact us now to get started!