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A Website Doesn't Mean You'll "Be Found"! You Want "In-Store Sales"!

MinnesotaFound Offers A Simple, In Store Traffic Building Tool Priced For Every Main Street Business!

Like A Digital Off Ramp From The Web To Your Stores Front Door Because Not Every Business Has A Digital Marketing Team

Small Business Owners Want "In-Store Sales"! No Kidding!
It's Time To Recognise They Don't want or need E-Commerce!!

Try this exercise, enter your business name into a search engine. It would be odd if you did not get a result; now enter the name of a product you sell in a search engine. Odds are good you are never included in the results!!

We don't sell E-Commerce!! It's not that e-commerce is a bad thing, it's just too much work for too little reward. We use a combination of technologies that make you more visable on the web because what small business owners really want is more customers walking through their door! That's what is designed to do. By using social networking, virtual stores, and member rewards MinnesotaFound encourages customers to your place of business and in the process you build a business social network with your customers and the people they know with MinnesotaFound's Digital Referal Marketing inside our search and classified systems. It's a personal connection to the customers you want.

All this costs less than $120 a month! However, your first year is half price, that's less than $60 a month!!!

If You Do Nothing Else Today, Click On the Log-In or Register Link Above To Get A Username And Password Because 99% of your potential customers don't know you exist, where your business is or what you do or sell! Be Found on

At The Very Least Send us An Email at ,, do it now!

So What is Think of it this way; not long ago the most trusted information source and regional marketing platform for business was the local newspaper, nothing in business or in the community happened with out using the newspaper to spread the word. It was where everyone went to find everything! It was the "Trusted Source"; in it's time! That's what does; it's a searchable, metropolitan wide, marketing platform for every product every business sells. You only have to be a member merchant to be part of the marketplace. Did you know that 85% of those people who use the internet use it to shop online; MinnesotaFound helps you turn that trend back into an "in store" shopping trend by using the old fashion idea of referals with search.

The newspaper days are over, the Internet has replaced newspapers as the "go to" source, but the Internet is a little like the Wild West, no boundaries, no rules, no trusted source, no law! Anyone can say anything and you're nearly powerless to defend yourself; the internet does not call you when your business is being disparaged but MinnesotaFound does this; when a negative review gets posted an administrator is notified and we check out the details. Sometimes it's just a competitor looking for an edge! With just under 55 billion web pages available on the internet you need an edge! That edge is the Social Network Directory! Your customers tell your story on and on the web.

MinnesotaFound is built on a hybrid version of Social Networking that helps you expand and grow your customer base through your existing customers, and as they help you grow we reward them for doing that. It's no longer as simple as having a website; if you have listened to a radio in the last year you know there are dozens of "Interactive agencies" that promise to get you on the first page of search results for as little as $99 a month per key word. Think about that; there are 20 places on that page. What happens when there are 60 business paying to be there using those keywords? The price goes up again! MinnesotaFound is different, we are local, our goal is to connect you with the people who want what you do, or want what you sell by using Digital Freind Referal Marketing. For you it means more customer interaction and sales.

We know how this works. You're thinking this MinnesotaFound thing is new, it's hi-tech, the internet is still too complicated, I don't know these people, I'm doing OK without an Internet strategy, I'll get to this one day when I figure out how all the rectangles and ovals fit together and how do I make Rewards work for my business? And what about this Living Social/Groupon thing I keep seeing. Does it actually bring business that is worth the cost? I'll pass for now, maybe some smart kid who knows this stuff will come along and help me do this! If you're thinking this; try entering your business name into a search engine. It would be odd if you did not get a result; now enter the name of a product you sell in a search engine. Odds are good you are never included in the results!!

Don't wait any longer, MinnesotaFound gets this, we can show you how Rewards and the Social Networking Directory can work better for new customer aquistion than the Groupon things, why give away product to people who will never come back again! Your MinnesotaFound rep may not know everything about SQL, PHP, SEO and all the other alphabet soup "net stuff", your rep does know how to get all the techy, creative, organizational "stuff" done for you. They will get the images done, copy written, up-load it all to the server and explain how Rewards and works for you! You should think of your rep as a sort of internet concierge for your technical / marketing needs!

MinnesotaFound is like a digital Off Ramp from the Information Super Highway to your business. All the big search engines work in about the same way, looking for keys that lead them to the searched items. Using the Merchant V-Store, Classified Marketplace and Digital Friend Referrals, MinnesotaFound is designed for that, like an "Amazon" of the real world, making every product or service available in the metroploitan area searchable, in one place online, then displays for the person searching the local merchants with that product or service. MinnesotaFound is designed to get the "stuff" you do and sell in front of those people searching for that "stuff", even if you don't have a web site. That's SMART! See the classified page to learn how that works has tools to develop and protect your business image and convey who you are to the consumer. MinnesotaFound has tools to build your brand on the Internet and drive consumers to your door. We know your not an Internet professional and probably don't have a backroom filled with programmers so we can do that for you! We can set up you Business Notebook, build a simple website for you, organize your product data, work with you manufactures to get images and more.

Coming Soon! has real people to help you with everything Internet, including online marketing, advertising and coupons. Coupons, that once used by your customers can be redeemed towards a merchant rewards program you can use as cash with MinnesotaFound for services and advertising. We're working on new and creative ways to connect you with potential customers who want the things you sell. Now that is smart!!

Rewards are just that, we reward consumers and merchants when they use MinnesotaFound. We know you want new customers who come back again and again. Using a coupon service to get a customer who visits once and gets something for less than cost is not good business. We get that. We're building a rewards program designed to get new customers who return again and again.

Call 1-800-853-6228 or email us at and let us get started on your internet strategy today. We'll work with you, to get familiar with and integrated into We are devoted to making MinnesotaFound the new trusted information source and marketing network for the Minneapolis/ St Paul area, a social marketing network you should be part of it now.

What Are The Costs Involved?

Free!! We strive to be the trusted source for internet based service in the Minneapolis, St Paul area, to be a trusted source you must be honest in every way; the MinnesotaFound programing works best when the site is fully populated. We are new and not fully populated so your listing in MinnesotaFound is free. Forget the pricing described below, we removed the payment gateway and your service is free forever if you act now! Your basic listing is like a small web page that tells a little about who you are, where you are and allows for some images to better describe your business. This helps you to "Be Found" by the bigger search engines and the users of MinnesotaFound. The Business Notebook is like a website that allows you to make searchable everything you do or sell, it's how you connect with your existing and future cutomers and how you create and distibute coupons. It's a powerful tool for your business. Don't wait, we're not going to do this for long!


There are some thing you should have us do for you. They are designed to increase your foot print on the internet and create a positive attitude for your potential clients.

  • We can write an up-beat magazine style article about your business that becomes part of your Notebook, its called The MinnesotaFound Review and it is designed to develop a bond between potential customers and your business. Doing business locally is a people to people affair and this magazine style article is designed to foster that feeling. Normally we charge $639 for the journalist time and production cost but a limited time it's half price, just $319!
  • We can produce post cards specifically designed for you to encourage your customers to "Rate You" on the site. The higher your rating the better your score on the customer satisfaction gauge. One of the best references for a potential customer is knowing how much your existing customers like you, the customer satisfaction gauge shows them instantly how much you're liked. Production and printing is $49 for the first 200 cards, addition are cards ar $24 per 100.
  • Your Business Notebook, we know that small business owners are busy running their business so we can complete the Business Notebook for you. Our representative will come to your business gather the needed information, images, shoot some pictures and what ever else is needed to get it done for just $319.
  • Your Business Notebook is important because if you sell anythig the notebook makes what you sell visable on the we through the V-Store application; the MinnesotaFound rep will help you get this organised and get the data uploaded to your V-Store. Then when some one does a search for what you sell it's visable to the big search engins. That's the first step to get a new customer in your place of business!!

How it Normally Works is a member driven web application that rewards its member users and merchants. For the individual user, membership is free; for the merchant, there is a membership fee. We believe what you get for that membership fee is not just a good value but a great value that includes your MinnesotaFound rep to help you build and keep up to date your MinnesotaFound listing and Notebook, develop an internet strategy, your online brand and much more. You should think of your rep as a concierge or handyman you call first, they don't know everything but they can help or just look for you when you need something.

Your listing includes a customer satisfaction gauge that tells a prospective customer how much your existing customers love you. That speaks volumes about your business and a higher rating moves you to the top of an MinnesotaFound search result. We'll show you how to get your customers to tell your story. We feel it could be a more powerful tool than those other online ratings services customers must pay to join and when the inevitable bad review shows up we research it and find out if it's real or just a competitor.

As a member merchant you get what we call a Business Notebook, it's a powerful tool to display your business, your products, services and people. You can build your notebook as large as you need to tell your story. We believe it is better than a large investment in a web site!
Your Business Notebook is a website inside of that you build and control and includes tools you need to display everything about your business. The example in this image has eight links including a virtual store but your Notebook could have 18 or even 28 links to different pages. What's a virtual store, you may be asking? A virtual Store is a tool to display and make searchable every product you sell. It's not ecommerce; it is a way for anyone searching the web to find what you have in your inventory. It is an amazing tool and so easy you really can do this but if you don't want to do it, your MSPfound rep is there to do it for you.

What else can you do with your Business Notebook? You can import your existing website, add an external webpage, internal pages you create, an image gallery, a video gallery, a map page, a link to a Facebook page, a link to a Twitter feed, and more features coming in 2012.

So what does all this cost? For all this, $29.95 a month. That's less than many companies charge for web hosting for a simple web site. And since you're not in the IT business we'll get everything for your listing, Notebook and V-Store set up for you for $319.00 (this is a limited time offer so don't wait!) and we'll give you a money back guarantee that you will be happy. Call us at 1-800-853-6228 or email us at , do it now!

To learn more about our set up fees

Go Here

MSPfound does many things but it has two main functions.

First, it is a regional marketing platform for local business that uses a hybrid form of social networking and rewards to connect local business with local shoppers. If you are a small retailer you have to ask yourself "How Connected am I? Is what I sell "Found" on the web at my place of business? If I want to move one item tomorrow can I communicate that to my customers quickly and in a way that allows them to share that information with their freinds? If you don't have answers to these questions you need to begin working on a strategy that includes For local shoppers who use MinnesotaFound it means real rewards they can use; like a gift card for things they really want, even as simple as a gas card and for the business owner it means more customer interaction and ultimatly more sales.

Second, it is an archive of information about the Minneapolis, St Paul metropolitan area and by extention all of Minnesota, everything from todays events to ancient Indian history, it can be what ever you wish it to be, because you can also be the contributors. The history of St Antony Falls; make that your project. Bike paths in the Metro, we have that in "Transportaion". Minnesota Tulip society, try "Home and Garden". Collecting stamps or even antique firearms, it's in "Things We Do For Fun". Almost 192,000,000 subjects of interest in the metro are possible! And if you are a business you know that almost every interest, sport, hobby and subject has a connection to a business that serves those interests and MinnesotaFound helps you make and keep those connections.

Soon we'll have more; for a beginer, MinnesotaFound brings you the news, we link to all the local news sources and magazines, soon we will begin to develop our own content. First with business and lifestyle digital magazines and eventually daily news. The web changed everything but newspapers don't seem to get it, maybe they've lived with the old model of news delivery for so long they can't change. We don't know but we do have some ideas that we think will make MinnesotaFound not just good compitition for those other guys but the "New Trusted Source". Remember the Old Newspaper guy who said it was were everyone went to find everything? We intend to be the New place were everyone gos to find everything! Internet users expect a lot more "experience" and "interaction" than a newspaper delivers and we understand that and perhaps more important we think we know how to deliver it!.

However, is like a newborn child; it needs to "learn" everything and that must be shared or taught by you, the users of MinnesotaFound either by direct contribution or sending information to the staff by email Having come into the world with some instinctive knowledge, MinnesotaFound needs your contribution to have, hold and share all the knowledge of the Metropolitan Area and it all begins when you become a member.

A few more features of

  • MinnesotaFound rewards it's users for using and contributing to MSPfound with real rewards you'd want. Rewards like gift cards for "I Tunes", "Target" or perhaps your business; places people really want to go or shop. We're also working on great offers for a restaurant you've always wanted to try, and a program that offers discounts when a new customer visits your business for the first time. The member user also gets their your own personal website for free that helps them keep track of their rewards, pictures, videos, favorite places, favorite things and lets you share your good fortune with friends. We call it a "Notebook" and it is how you connect directly with your present and future customers.

  • The Icon Navigation Pad on the left side of the home page screen is designed to connect a user to 192,000,000 topics of interest and then connect those topics of interest to your business by using a search technique we call taxonometric search. When you click an icon it opens 24 more icons, in 6 clicks you have either found what you were looking for or know it is not there. At first it seems like it can't be better than keyword search but you quickly see how fast it can be and how your advertising is displayed in relevant content in front of people with a real interest!

  • The Business Search is designed to connect the user to every business in the Metro with depth you don't usually see, even in the best websites. With features like customer reviews so you don't need to go some other wesite and pay membership fees just to see what people think of you. We'll show you how to get your customers to tell your story and be rewarded too. The MSPfound basic listing includes a customer satisfaction gauge so they can immediately see what customers think of any business. With a "Business Notebook" MinnesotaFound also gives each merchant a virtual store so anyone can find what you sell in a websearch, then all those products and services become part of the MSPfound Classifieds and soon all that data will be displayed in a "stand alone" classifieds website to be sure what you do or sell is getting the widest possible exposure on the internet.

  • The classifieds like other sites does allow anyone to post the stuff they want to sell for free but what makes it special is, it can also post everything that every merchant in the metro sells. This makes the classified the first unified marketing platform for an entire metro! Imagine, someone is looking for a blue widget in Stillwater and it's in the MSPfound Classifieds and tells tells them your stores have it.

  • Privacy? Customers want it and we get that! Did you know that all the photos you post on some other social sites become the property of that site and they deposit dozens of tracking cookies on a users computer to watch them as they browse the web? We think that's creepy so we don't use tracking cookies. When you're fed up with the lack of privacy on those other sites remember MSPfound lets you keep everything you post on your MinnesotaFound Notebook private, plus you can choose from three levels of privacy even as a merchant!! Why would a merchant need three levels of privacy? How about "Private Sales", "Special Customer Offers"; you choose who has access to those pages so you can offer those kind of mechandising specials with out special tools.

We call the software engine that operates, "The Digital Combine" because it uses many kinds of applications to gather and organize many kinds of information so that the data can be found and used by you. Because you and every other user can contribute to the "The Digital Combine" it becomes the knowledge base of an entire metropolitan area. Imagine the combined knowledge of millions of people in one place! What can you share?