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The MinnesotaFOUND Classifieds: digital Classifieds on Steroids!

There are a lot of online classifieds out there; and they've effectively killed the newspapers! Sadly that's true; almost every newspaper relied on the classifieds as the cash cow that kept them profitable! Think about that, one guy who thought the classified should be free, "did in" the newspaper industry. One person tapping out a little code in a few evenings! That's how the web changed everything!!

The Classifieds are Different

MinnesotFound Classifieds are a lot like other online classifieds; you can post any item you want to sell for free and if you search for tires you'll get plenty to choose from but there really is one big difference. Every merchant who list their inventory in a Business Notebook V-Store has their merchandise listed in the Digital Classified Marketplace and if they have been reviewed by a "Member/User" that business' satifaction rating is displayed and if one of your friends has done business there that recomendation is displayed too. If every merchant listed their inventory in their own Notebook V-Store every product and service sold in the metro would be found on MinnesotFound. Imagine, what ever you are looking for can be found using you computer, smart phone or other hand held device! That's Big! And theres no shipping charge since it just down the road...

Nothing left to say... Ultimate word of mouth marketing!!