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You can make a difference and get rewarded too!
What Does It Do For Me?

What Are Member Rewards??

I Don't Really Believe They're going To Send Me Bags Of Cash!! is your platform to make a large impact on a local business, your town and recieve rewards for helping. You can do many of the same things you do on other websites that offer social networking; share your pictures, share video, send messages but MinnesotaFound helps you do more, it helps you make a difference where you live, be found and appreciated for your contributions!

We all know a small business in our town that we really like but those business' are under pressure from large e-commerce firms like "Amazon" and "Overstocked" and more, they loose business to them every month and it's growing. We all know it can be a little cheaper and a little easier to shop with those faceless e-commerce companies but imagine your town with out the stores you like or the local Mall empty. With your help we'll make shoping locally as easy and inexpensive as shoping on line; the best of the web made local. Looking for a special pair of shoes? They're porbably just down the road but you don't know it. Together we'll make every product and service in the metro "Found" online so we can alway find what we're looking for! We know you will still do some shopping at those e-commece sites; after all there will always be something you can't find near home but we know when you bring more of your shopping home it will make a big differnce in your home town! This begins by signing up for your free Notebook, picking up your first reward and leaving reviews for the places you shop. Click here to learn how to earn rewards.

What's an Minnesotafound Notebook and why do I want one?

It's your first reward and we know you'll like your "Notebook", it's not just your link to everything about the Minneapolis / St Paul Metropolitan area, it rewards you and dose a few things your other destinations don't do and we're woking on applications that will bring all your favorites, like Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and others to your Notebook so you have access to all your favorite places on the web from just one location. MinnesotaFound not only lets you store and share photos in your Notebook but you can have multiple online photo albums; maybe one for the last vaction and one of family photos, you can also set any level of security for each page you create! You decide if anyone can see a page, just family, just friends or just you! You can also host your videos in a video album, also with the same security features. Maybe you have a website you visit alot; it's alway open in your Notebook and those are just a fewof the many features. It's your personal website and entry point to the web with social networking and metro wide rewards built in! Do you have an idea you think should be part of your notebook? Tell us about it; ,

Your Notebook is your personal website. You can build it any way you want, begining with your home page.

The Notebook Admin is where you begin to build you Notebook, you can add, edit or remove pages here. This is also where you set the security level for each of your Notebook pages. This is so easy your Grandmother could do it, maybe she already has!!

Using simple admin tools you can design your own webpage or use one of ours.

When you visit merchant stores in you can select things you like and add them to a wish list. Your friends and family can see what you really want or if one of your wish list items goes on sale you'll know.

You can also add your favorite stores to a list for easy return. Notice that each business has a "Satisfaction Gauge", you influence that and it tells you how other people feel about merchants you don't know.

If you have websites you visit often they are always open when you open your Notebook.

Visit with friends, exchange mail, images and more, with privacy! When you become "Friends" with any of the merchants in MinnesotaFound you get first notice when there are special deals!

Let's not forget to mention the photo galleries, you can creat mutiple galleries with a diferent privacy setting for each!

Same for videos, upload your own video or embed any YouTube video.

Did we mention that your Notebook is FREE!!
More than free, Minnesotafound is a reverse subscription publication!
Click Here To Get Your Notebook Now!

You may be asking how we can give you money, a personal website and what ever else we do for you??? Consider this idea; business's compete with each other for your business. Usually through mass advertising that is very expensive and not very effective. We try to make it effective for them, desireable and wanted by you. Again, consider this idea, you need an oil change for you car. You ask for advertisements for oil changes and we deliver those businesses who want to compete for you , usually with some great savings for you as well!! You save money, we make money and the advertiser connects with someone who really wants what they sell! It's called a win, win, win, deal and it's how we make money! So how do you make money?

MinnesotaFound.Com rewards you with ITunes cards or gift cards from real stores like Target. We are working with local stores and restaurants to get you rewards like big discounts and free dinners. We'll continuing to work on rewards that will be really good and stuff you really want. We also give you a free personal website we call a "Notebook". Your "Notebook" website is how you see and collect your rewards; consider it you first reward, you second reward is $2 towards your first gift card just for signing up. As you build your social network of friends in MSPfound we continue to reward you by adding another $2 to your rewards account for each friend that joins your network. When they sign up they get the same rewards!

What about your Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and other places you visit? We still want you to visit those places so we're woking on applications that will bring all your favorites to your Notebook so you have access to all your favorite places on the web from just one location. Do you have an idea you think should be part of your notebook? Tell us about it; ,

So why do we ask for you name and address?

Should you be a little concerned when a website askes for personal information? You don't tell Facebook any personal information, or Twitter, or other sites where you have an account; or do you? They "watch you", by depositing dozens of "cookies" or tracking scrips into your computer, these cookies stay on your computer following you from site to site; your browsing patterns are sold to other companies and are used to target advertising to your computer, they also own everything you upload to their website!

We think that's creepy so we don't do it! But we do need some information to get the rewards to you so we ask for your name, address, email and phone number; because when you interact with the advertising of local merchants on MSPfound you can earn rewards of real value, gift cards for real cash you can use at places you shop everyday! MinnesotaFound also believes that your photos are your photos, your videos are your videos, and your personal information, including your email address, will never be shared with anyone!! Never, Ever!!
We don't ask for bank account numbers, drivers license numbers or credit card numbers! And you should never give them.

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