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Because 99% of your potential customers don't know you exist, who you are, where you are or what you do or sell!

Having A Website Doesn't Mean You'll "Be Found"!

As content on the web grows to unimaginable scope of 55 billion pages, it becomes harder to stand out in a search; returning to old fashion referrals from a friend becomes your most important tool again. That's, and we'll do all the work for you at an unbelievable price! We'll show you how your customers can help build your business and reputation on the web!!

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The Social Networking Directory, Your MSP Notebook and Your website

In an effort to become your trusted source for everything web related we always want to be honest about what we do; the MSPinfo Social Networking Directory works best when fully populated, but since we are new and not fully populated, it does not work to it's full potential, so we are not charging the $29.95 Business Member fee for the first 250 business's that open an account this month. That means free forever!! After we reach that number we are still waving the fee for every business for one year. And just to be even more clear, free forever is better than free for a year so don't wait!!

We also know your busy running your business and it can take time to set up and fully understand any new marketing system so we'll do all the set up for you for only $319.00! (scroll down to see what's included) Our list price for this is over $1200 and since we loose money doing your set up at this introductory price we won't do this for long!! Don't Wait!! When your set up is complete we'll help you begin to bring your past and present customers into your network and they'll begin to help you grow your business! Why would they do that? In most cases your satisfied customers want to help you be successful and when they do we reward them with real rewards like gift cards to places they want to shop like Target or I Tunes!! Send us an email to learn more,

This Is What We Can Do

Begining with your listing in the Network Directory you can see it not only tells a potential customer where you are and how to contact you but also tells them how much your existing customers like you. To a potential customer knowing your existing customers are extremely satisfied is your best marketing tool and they can see that in a glance with the customer satisfaction gauge. Even if you never set up the Business Notebook and Social Networking features your satisfaction rating can move your business up in the ranked returns durring a search and this listing links to a single page you may use to better describe your business and see your customer reviews and website if you have one!

What Is An MSPinfo Business Notebook And Why Do I Want One?

Your Business Notebook is your oportunity to introduce your busines and your people to potential customers. You can build it any way you want, begining with your home page. A few well shot images can set a feeling of confidence and friendlyness with potential customers! When you have MSPinfo build your Notebook we can do all the photo work or use your images. We then build out the following pages for you. Remember, however, this is easy enough to do yourself if you enjoy a simple internet challange, the tools are easy and the time it takes to learn is short.

The Notebook Admin is where you begin to build your Notebook, you can add, edit or remove pages here. This is also where you set the security level for each of your Notebook pages. This is so easy your Grandmother could do it, maybe she already has!!

Using simple admin tools you or we can design your informational webpage, when we do it for you we do an interview and photos but this is the place to tell your story.

MSPinfo can do an up-beat magazine style artical on your business describing who you are, what you do and any other facts about you business you want people to know. This may seem very similar to the previous page about you but this is to be sure your online image and brand is consistant across all the places you may be seen. In the future we will launch a magazine style website for Metro Business and this page would be part of that website if you choose to be involved. MSPinfo will send a journalist to your business conduct the interview, write the story, gather images, shoot new images and take care of all the production for just $319.

If you have a website we import it directly into the Business Notebook so that an MSPinfo member can see it with out leaving your Notebook. We like to say it doubles the online presents of your website! If you don't have a website we can build you a simple website that connects to your Notebook for as little as $299.00 ! Domain name and hosting are extra, a domain name is typically about $10 per year and hosting is under $20 a month. We recomend this if you have not ventured into a website already. There are people out there who will use a domain similar to your business name to make money by sending customers somewhere else!! Don't have a domain name? Use our domain register Go to Sandix llc Now!

The V-Store, this is the vehicle for getting the products you sell on the web in an internet searchable format. It's not E-commerce, it's designed for a person using a computer or mobile device to find what you sell; the goal is to get web shoppers to become shoppers in your business. You can use the V-Store to display your fixed price services as well, plus, everything you place in your V-Store is displayed in the MSPinfo Classified Marketplace and later this year we will go live with a third independent marketplace site so your products and services get see in as many places as possible and FOUND up by the major search engines and future customers!!

Social Networking, this is where you communicate with your customers or visit with friends, exchange mail, send and recieve coupons, images and more, with privacy! When you become "Friends" with any of your customers in MSPinfo you can tell them when you have special deals! We're working on a text option that will allow you to send a message to your customer's smart phone. If you have a restaurant you've probably read just how powerful this option is! You can also have customer settings for private or special deals and sales. AND Social Networking referals, When a friend of your customer is looking for what you do or sell the odds of that referal get there in a timely way are pretty slim. Unless they use MSPinfo search; when they search for anything in MSPinfo it tells them who their friends like first.

Let's not forget to mention the photo galleries, you can creat mutiple galleries with a diferent privacy setting for each! You may not want to have your wedding or family photos here but the uses are many especially if you are a contractor, equipment, auto or boat dealer.

Same for videos, upload your own video or embed any YouTube video. It doesn't matter what kind of business your in, telling a story with video is priceless. Your Business Notebook is a fully finctional website inside the MSPinfo platform that may be better than a stand alone website. Your web address can look like this, click through and have a look. There are many different types of pages for many different types of uses and you may have multiples of the same type of page. We believe this will be the trusted source of information for the Minneapolis, St Paul metro area. It will be where everyone comes to find everything! Be part of the Social Network Directory, MSPinfo!

For a limited time we'll set up your Business Notebook for $319.00, that's 25% of our normal pricing and since we loose money on this we won't be doing it for long!! Click here to sign up now and we'll be in contact to begin your MSPinfo Business Notebook. Click Here To Get Your Notebook Now!