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Nominations open for inaugural Minnesota Job Honor Awards


The awards will celebrate “A New Kind of Hero” – Minnesotans who have overcome significant barriers to employment and the employers who hire them. The Minnesota Job Honor Awards is accepting nominations for its first awards event ON May 10 in the Twin Cities. Deadline for nominations is Feb. 15.

The awards will be presented in partnership with the Minnesota Chamber OF Commerce workforce conference, “The Hidden Labor Pool: Are you looking in the right places?” This half-day program will examine Minnesota’s workforce shortage and introduce employers to frequently-overlooked talent pools. Speakers and panelists will challenge participants to think differently about where they look for employees, sharing “best practices.”

“Minnesota employers continue to seek new solutions to our state’s workforce shortage,” said Doug Loon, Minnesota Chamber president. “Finding qualified workers is a persistent challenge among companies of all types and sizes. The Minnesota Job Honor Awards is one way to engage our state’s untapped workforce by shining a spotlight on success stories.”

America's Job Honor Awards is a nonprofit initiative designed to help disadvantaged citizens enter the workforce. We host annual awards ceremonies celebrating individuals who have overcome significant barriers to employment and the employers who hire them. Our mission is to rekindle hope and energize the work ethic across the nation, through the celebration of a new kind of hero.

Launched in Iowa in 2014, the Awards are expanding nationally.  They currently operate in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota ... with more states following soon.  Honorees are selected following annual campaigns in which nominations are submitted via this website. Top honorees are celebrated in state-level awards ceremonies, with inspiring videos recounting their paths to employment success. Previous honorees have overcome physical and mental disabilities, criminal convictions, limited English proficiency and long-term unemployment in their struggle for employment.

By shining a spotlight on success stories, we speak hope to disadvantaged jobseekers while inspiring employers to give these individuals a chance by hiring them. We rely on the power of personal stories to win hearts and minds.

In addition to our annual awards events, America's Job Honor Awards works year-round to inspire disadvantaged jobseekers to utilize available job training resources, and to encourage companies to hire the individuals who complete such programs.

For additional information, and to submit a nomination, visit Job Honor

“Our society celebrates lottery winners, movie stars and professional athletes,” said Kyle Horn, founder and director of America’s Job Honor Awards. “We rarely hear inspiring stories of individuals whose lives are transformed through the hard work and perseverance that leads to meaningful employment. It’s time for a new kind of hero.”

Lead sponsor of the Awards is ManpowerGroup, world leader in innovative workforce solutions.

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