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You are not the "customer we bill" or the "product we sell" to advertisers, - you are our "partner", without you we can't succeed; so we reward you by sharing the revenue! And that's just the begining of what MinnesotaFound does, because we want to be your trusted source for news and search in Minnesota!

Not long ago the trusted source of information as well as the regional marketing platform for every Metropolitan Area was the local newspaper; nothing in the community happened with out using the newspaper to spread the word. Everything was "Found" there and it was where everyone went to find everything! It was the "Trusted Source" in it's time, but times change!

The web changed everything and the newspaper days are almost over, the Internet has replaced newspapers as the "go to" source, and the local newspaper isn't even a shadow of what it once was, PLUS, more than 68% of those people who are consumers of news dislike the news they get and believe it's biased to the liberal view point! Don't get us wrong, we believe Liberal News is a great thing as long as readers have the ability to read the other point of view! is that "Other Point of View", and a fact checker of the other news sources, just as we know those guys will want to "fact check us"!. We believe real competition in an arena that has had no competition for too long can only be good!

MSPfound is designed around a few major functions

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The goal for MinnesotaFound is to be the digital age version, of what the newspaper was in it's time, a trusted source and the place where people go to not only to find everthing about the metro but find entertaining and informative content too.

The "Web" made the old newspaper model obsolete; charging readers for the news has stabilised but is never going to recover to pre-internet days. Readers, who we call partners expect more so MinnesotaFOUND provides more, like turning the subscription model around, we pay the reader. That's right, you are not our "customer" that we bill or a product we sell to advertisers, you are our partner in news!

Next, as the "Old Newspaper guys" would say, "the newspaper was the place were everyone went to find everything". With that in mind, the new "trusted source" should also be a local search engine, an archive of information about the metropolitan area, an events calendar for the metro, a unified digital marketplace, a feature that allows the user to find a business and every thing they sell in one place; include social networking to connect the user, who we like to call "our partner", to their friends, local business plus news and events in a free personal website we call a "Notebook". We're working on a seemless link between for your Facebook account, Twitter, Pintrest, Linked-In account and MinnesotaFOUND Notebook account.

MinnesotaFOUND is collaborative; everyone can make a contribution and be rewarded. MSPfound is not an old style top down business model; MinnesotaFOUND is structured more like a horizontal time line that anyone can add to at any place and when you do we reward and recognize you for that contribution. What can you add? A review on a business, a restaurant review, a piece of our historical puzzle, a new fact about a news story, an article, art or video for one of the MinnesotaFOUND E-Zines; the opportunities are limitless! Even news and because all contributions are screened by our editors you don't get the torrent of trash comments you see on many sites!

The web changed everything, even local business in your part of the metro.

E-commerce is growing exponentially but it has come at a cost to small local business; even Target say's they feel it. Every month these business's loose a little more traffic to the large faceless e-commerce companies; sure it's easy and a little cheaper to buy online but what will your town look like when those stores you like are gone? Working with you, MinnesotaFOUND can help bring that business home again; it's good for you, it's good for your town, it's good for that business.

In fact we all benefit from strong local business, those sales taxes may seem like a rip-off but they pay for all the stuff we want like parks, police, fire departments, street lights, even the streets! That local business also means local jobs!! MinnesotaFOUND uses our own style of social networking, rewards and our Unified Digital Marketplace to make finding what you need faster and eisier than E-Shopping! Truth is, we can't do this without you, and making a short trip down the road to get what you want is a lot more satifying than waiting for the UPS truck!! See it, feel it, try it; that's shopping!!

Is What I See All There Is?

No, there much more to be done but much of what's coming will be done by people like you. The Icon chart on the home page represents a new kind of search tool we call "Taxonometric Search"; each icon leads to 24 more icons that lead to 24 more icons for six levels; that can display over 192 million different subjects about the metro area you live in! Many of these top teir subjects have a style magazine or E-Zine that any one can contribute to. The "Teen Zone" icon leads to the Teen Zine called "No Lifeguard On Duty". Maybe you have always thought there should be a Zine for local artists or the best bartenders and night clubs; think you can be an editor or have an idea send us an email,

You Don't Need Special Skills To Build Your Notebook

Using the admin page you add your pictures, videos, build your own web pages, keep track of your rewards, recieve special offers from merchants, communicate with your freinds, import your favorite web sites and set multiple levels of security for each page you build. Maybe you want an image gallery you share with everyone and another you only share with a few friends and family or only yourself; you can do that. We're working on protocals to integrate with your Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and more. We're sure you will like the Notebook features. We're also sure as you begin to build contacts with your friends, local merchants and local treasures like musuems, zoos and charties you will really like how the web and the real world can come together.

Get your Notebook

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As a Member User you recieve an online "Notebook" or website; it's free and is how you interact with the site, your friends, local business and charities.

Your Notebook Can Look Like This

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